September 2023 Coach Newsletter

Coach Director/League Director Note

Hello Coaches,

In the words of Deion Sanders, “We here!”  Race 1 is this coming weekend and all of the hard work through pre-season and July and August is about to have the chance to be celebrated!   While many have experienced racing before, many have not. So, this weekend is a new experience for these athletes and their families.  They should be celebrations and where a lot of the magic of what you all do each day comes to fruition.  We will do our best to put on a national caliber event for you!

September is the return of racing (and football) but mainly racing!  Here are some details on the events we have coming up.

Race 1 Springhill Park, Barling AR   This course has been like “Old Faithful” to us, but we have some new twists this year.  We will be racing a new direction and some new trails.   The course will be 4 miles and has just 135 ft of climbing compared to the Time Trial event which had 350 feet in just 2.7 miles.     Race Flyer is HERE.   We will be continuing with MS and HS waves having separate awards ceremonies.  Times are approximate. Please set expectation with your team that they stay for the awards till completed before leaving.  We want everyone to have the same experience!

Don’t miss the GRIT Hype Zone hosted by River Valley Marshalls, be prepared to cheer and make noise!   Remember that we will ALL go to the finish are for the last riders and cheer them all on at the end of the day!

Team pitzone setup will start at 11 am.  We will release pitzone assignments just before at 10:30 am.  Please do not arrive before 11 am and expect to setup your team tent.  There will be a drop off area designated.  No vehicles allowed to drive in the field per COE without permission.  We will announce the pitzone assignments on the Coach Facebook page by 10:30 am.

NEW PLATE PICKUP for teams will be at registration from 12:30 till 1 pm.  Registration will open at 1 pm.

Weather updates:  It will be warm but is predicted to be within guidelines to compete.  If circumstances change we reserve the right to shorten races or adjust timelines to ensure safe conditions.   We are currently on schedule to have a normal race weekend.

Race 2  Mountain Home, AR.   Race Flyer HERE.   We will be swapping the timelines and HS waves will race in the morning at Race 2.

This Wednesday’s Coaches call will have a pretty loose agenda and go over the Race Flyer’s for the upcoming events.  If you have topics you want to discuss, please send them to me at

Thanks for being great humans!

Terry and the Arkansas NICA Team

Coaches Call on Wednesday, September 5th at 8pm

Our next coaches call is scheduled for 8pm on Wednesday, September 5. All coaches are invited to join this Zoom video conference call. Here is the agenda. Please let us know if there are any topics you would like to discuss. The Zoom link is in the agenda also and HERE

Race Plates

Due to an issue with the printing of the number plates, we did an entirely new order PLEASE ENSURE THAT NO NUMBER PLATES FROM TIME TRIAL are used at Race 1 or rest of the season.  We put a sticker with a dot on them to identify them.  You will pick up your teams new plates from 12:30 – 1 PM Saturday at Race 1.  Anyone who petitioned up/down this past week will have a plate but it will not have their name on it.

Loaner Bikes Maintenance Clinic

Athletes that are riding an Arkansas League Loaner Bike are required to attend a maintenance clinic.  This can be done at their local bike shop, or by the team leaders.  We are also working with our Gold Level Sponsor PHAT Tire Bike Shop to provide a short clinic on race weekend.  Details will be released as soon as we have them nailed down but stay tuned to social media for the details.

Vittoria Tires Partnership REMINDER

We are excited to announce have come to an agreement with Vittoria Tires to get athletes and coaches significant discounts on Vittoria merchandise for the 2023 Season.   The orders will need to be in bulk however and need to be managed by each team.  Coaches can submit the order and use the codes assigned to your teams.  Discounts will be in neighborhood of 40-50%.  In order to redeem the code, they need to have an account with Vittoria and be logged in. Each code can only be used once. Click HERE to see the codes assigned to your teams.  We only have so many of these codes to spread around the league so make sure you are asking athletes and coaches if they need anything from Vittoria before submitting a small order.