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Teams across the state of Arkansas......and growing!

Ride with NICA

Here in Arkansas, there are a lot of people who love to ride bikes, and each one of them does it for their own reason. Maybe it’s to stay healthy, or to build confidence, or simply to have fun. Either way, Arkansas NICA is an amazing opportunity to connect students in grades 6-12 who share a passion for riding bikes. With teams across the state, we help our student athletes discover what makes them excited about riding, while teaching them skills for biking and the world beyond in a safe, encouraging environment.

NICA athletes have the opportunity to join other students in statewide races, but that’s not everything NICA has to offer. While we think racing is important for our athletes — to train for something, to gain the confidence that comes with achieving goals, to foster team spirit — we also have adventure rides, trail stewardship sessions, as well as GRiT and other programs for those students who are just here to have fun on bikes.

Curious what NICA is like?

Check out some videos of NICA to see how much fun we have on bikes!


how do i get started?

Want to ride with a NICA team? It's easy as 5 steps!

  • step1

    Connect with a Team

    Is there a team at your school? Or in your community? Check our list here to find out! If there is, send the coach an email to connect! They will tell you when practice is and how to connect with the team. If there isn't a team, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can see what we can do about starting a team in your area.

  • step2

    Try it Out

    You can attend one practice to try it out before signing up for NICA. Be sure to fill out this online waiver before you come! 

  • step3

    Get Set up

    To get started you'll need a bike, helmet and some comfortable clothes. The head coach of your team can help guide you. We also have a league bike loaner and financial aid program

  • step4

    Sign Up on the Pit Zone

    The Pit Zone is our registration system. It costs $85 to join NICA, $25 for each of our adventure and time trial races, and $110 for all four races purchased before August 1 (or $40 each purchased anytime). To sign up, you have to fill out your personal information, fill out a waiver, and pay to join NICA. You don't have to decide about events to start attending practices. Financial aid is available for any of the fees.

  • step5


    Come ride with us! 

Commonly Asked Questions

Check out our teams list to find out!  If there's not - don't be discouraged!  We specialize in helping start teams across the state.  
From April through June, teams can have up to 6 events, so gathering is limited during that time period.  
In July, teams can start practicing in earnest, and most teams choose to practice two or three times a week, but it's not unusual for teams to practice one or four times a week also.  It often depends on how many coaches are available (the kids would want to ride every day!).

Arkansas NICA Teams

Blue Markers are 2021 Teams.

Purple Markers are 2021 Developing Teams.

Already on A NICA Team?


One of the great things about a NICA League, which separates us from other youth cycling development programs, is we produce our own youth-specific events. This means we pick out race venues and work directly with land owners and managers to produce the highest quality youth development race courses and events. The student-athletes get a stage of their own, away from adult competitions, and we strive for safety and fun above all other factors.

The Arkansas League will produce 4 races in the fall of 2021 in Arkansas. 


race events

  • Race Clinic Raceday

    August 12
    North Arkansas College

    Harrison, AR


    August 26-27
    North Arkansas College

    Harrison, AR

  • RACE 1

    Sept 9-10
    Springhill Park

    Barling, AR

  • RACE 2

    Sept 23-24
    Clysta Willett Park

    Mountain Home, AR

  • RACE 3

    Oct. 7-8
    Cedar Glades Park

    Hot Springs, AR

  • RACE 4

    Oct 28-29
    Centennial Park

    Fayetteville, AR

But wait, there is more to NICA than just Racing!

Check out all the other things that go on with NICA across the state of Arkansas!

NICA Adventure


NICA Adventure

If racing isn't your thing, thats ok! Check out the NICA Adventure series!

Local Dirt


Local Dirt is like a baseball game. Think about little league baseball, where local games are organized between coaches and teams at the town’s ballfields vs. Little League World Series hosted by Little League Baseball at the Williamsport fields. 

Local Dirt is like the baseball game and the NICA Races are like the LIttle League World Series! 





Currently, girls represent 20% of NICA’s overall national student-athlete participation. NICA GRiT (Girls Riding Together) seeks to increase that number significantly over the next five years. The GRiT Program is NICA’s effort to recruit and retain more girls and female coaches in NICA programs.

GRiT events are the 3rd Saturday of every month from April - August. There will also be a GRiT event at each of the NICA races. See you there!

Service Leadership

Service leadership

We don't just ride trails, we take care of them too!