Local Dirt


Local events are keys to making mountain biking more accessible, more affordable, and more inclusive to all riders across the state. We know from our statewide events (and personal experience) that reducing the time we drive to events saves money and translates to more time on the trails. We also know that big events can be an intimidating way to jump into the fun.

By making events more accessible to more riders, we will grow participation, add riders to existing teams, and create new teams in more towns all across the state. We bring more people to this great sport we all love.

Simply put: Local events gets more kids on bikes more often. And isn’t that why do this?


Local Dirt is a pilot program in Arkansas, supported by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). We will work with you to create low-lift, simple events and scrimmages across the state. These events will be organized by local teams, with operational support from Arkansas NICA staff in the training and transition to team run events with League oversight when appropriate or necessary.

To contrast Local Dirts and League Events, think about little league baseball, where local games are organized between coaches and teams at the town’s ballfields vs. Little League World Series hosted by Little League Baseball at the Williamsport fields.

These take the form of scrimmage events that include 1-3 neighboring teams and intra-team fun rides. Events will initially be designed to accommodate 30 to 100 riders and be run midweek during the season or on weekends when statewide events aren’t happening.

Our plan (see below) is to create events that require minimal staffing from teams, yet deliver maximum risk management to keep our student athletes and volunteers safe. Our goal is to have each region in Arkansas host multiple events each season and build awareness and excitement about bringing youth mtb into our towns!


Local dirt is locally-driven. Arkansas NICA trains local dirt coordinators from teams and the community to produces safe and simple events.


I-40 Corridor Region

Coming in the Fall!

South-Central Region

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NW Arkansas

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North Central and North East

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