Girls Riding Together

  • What Is GRiT?

    GRiT (Girls Riding Together) is an initiative aimed at increasing the gender parity in NICA.  The GRiT goal is to empower female student-athletes and coaches to grow in mountain bike skills and social skills on and off the bike.  NICA is making a national effort to increase the number of girls and female coaches in NICA programs.  This proposal will provide funding for individual teams to offer support to create a more welcoming, inclusive and encouraging environment for girls to find belonging on the team.
    Arkansas’ GRiT initiative is supported at both the league and team levels.
    League Activations:

    GRiT mini grants 

      • IMPACT 
      • While Arkansas does carry a higher than national percentage (27.5%) of female riders and coaches participating in NICA, our 2024 and beyond goal is to increase participation to 30% for both coaches and student athletes. 
      • To accomplish this goal the Arkansas League wants to encourage teams to provide strong, supportive programming.  Empowering girls to grow in confidence, social skills, and leadership, both on and off the bike is a crucial piece in creating gender parity in our cycling community.  Creating programming and providing scaffolding for girls will amplify their influence on a larger scale in life and encourage others to participate in NICA. For more information regarding strong programming for GRiT on your team please go to the coaches courses in PITZONE to register for GRiT training modules (coming in late spring)
      • In order to be eligible to review the grant your team:
      • Must use funding for Pre Season recruitment.
      • Must have a designated GRiT coordinator who will oversee the activities and provide direction to any team GRiT student-athlete leaders and volunteers.
      • At least one student-athlete should be identified who will serve as a GRiT student-athlete leader, who will help to plan, promote, and assist in the running of the event or activity.
      • Must have at least one coach (GRiT coordinator) who has taken  the GRiT training modules in PITZONE when they become available (later in the pre-season.)
      • Must report back to League GRiT Coordinator in a follow up report immediately following the event on program impact, successes, challenges, and key lessons learned immediately following the event/activity.
      • The more coaches on your team who have completed the training modules the stronger your application may be.
      • NOTE: Waivers for female participants, student-athletes, or coaches, are good for 3 separate events.  These events do not have to be GRiT specific.  For example a GRiT student athlete can attend a GRiT try it out, ice cream social ride, and a full team fun ride on one single waiver before signing up fully in PITZONE.  
    • Apply for a grant here

      GRiT Race Weekend Activities

      GRiT Pre-ride: one full hour before regular pre-ride at each race.  This ride is coach-led and all riders must be registered for the league and have a number plate.  Riders do NOT need to be registered to race to participate.

      GRiT Hype Zone: 
    • The GRiT Hype Zone is teeming with activity on race day. Teams adopt the Hype Zone and get to choose a theme, vibe, and activities.  The Hype Zone is located in the PITZONE adjacent to the adopting team for that event.  It is a space for all student athletes to create, connect, chill and of course cheer on teammates.  Teams can apply for reimbursement for up to $150 for regional events and $200 for statewide events to cover supplies.  Contact League GRiT coordinator Anya for more information anya@arkansasmtb.org

    Follow along with Arkansas GRiT @arnicagrit and be sure to tag us in you team GRiT activities!