For Riders or Coaches


The Arkansas NICA League is committed to making our league accessible to everyone to the best of our ability, regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships are available for student athletes as well as coaches for any programs we offer.

Due to the limited amount of financial aid, we would like to ensure that the riders or coaches who receive financial support commit to participation in ALL five (5) races of the 2024 season. If awarded financial aid, you or your student-athlete should be prepared to write a letter explaining how the financial aid benefited all involved. Identity will be kept confidential at your request.


Financial aid is available for student league registration fees and race series fees.

Loaner Bikes are also available for student athletes that need a bike to be able to participate in NICA. Please find the more information about the NICA Bike Loaner program here.  There is a $25.00 maintenance fee for loaner bikes payable to the league to help with wear and tear and upkeep.


Financial aid is available for Leaders’ Summit fees as well as on the bike skills and first aid training courses.


Please contact Terry Coddington if you have questions about Team Registration fees.

Please complete the financial aid application if you need assistance. We will begin reviewing applications after May 1st. Please note that it takes the committee one full week to review applications. Please make sure to apply in a timely manner before season activities or practices begin. In 2023, the Arkansas NICA League provided over $18,000 in scholarships.  Not all who apply may receive a full scholarship. We will base it off needs.  Please contact your team's Head Coach to see if a team level scholarship is available before applying.