December 2020 Coaches Newsletter



In the newsletter sent a few minutes ago, I was premature in mentioning our ‘21 race venue locations. Although the race dates are expected to remain the same, we are continuing to work with venue partners to confirm those locations. For now, the race locations are TENTATIVE and pending approvals. I ask you to keep that info to yourselves. We hope to confirm and officially announce the race locations in the near future.

Sorry for any confusion and thanks for your understanding.

Ben Tufford, Arkansas NICA Coach Director

2021 Race Dates

We are racing in 2021. Provisions are being made for COVID concerns. The 2021 race dates are as follows.

  • Season Prelude Time Trial, August 28 & 29
  • Race 1, September 11 & 12
  • Race 2, September 25 & 26
  • Race 3, October 16 & 17
  • Race 4, October 30 & 31
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