Arkansas NICA Prelude Time Trial

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sager Creek Trails, John Brown University


NICA Prelude Time Trial

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sager Creek Trails, John Brown University


Every student athlete will do a one 3 mile loop time trial on the north loop of the Sager Creek Mountain Bike Trails. The course is wooded, with the trail weaving in and out of the trees.

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The course will be open for pre-ride Saturday afternoon (1:00 - 4:00 PM) and Sunday morning (8:05 - 8:30 AM). We strongly recommend that all racers pre-ride the course and bring a map, plenty of water, cell phone and not ride alone. Most teams ride together. Please pass course workers with great care, and stay off the course on race weekend except during the above times.


Volunteers are the backbone of our league and make our events possible. Please consider volunteering at this race, we guarantee you’ll love it, money-back guarantee! Click HERE to sign up for a volunteer position at this race. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@arkansasmtb.org.

Prelude Time Trial Home Teams: Siloam Springs, Bentonville West, Grimsley, Fulbright, Tulsa


Parking areas will be along the roads and in fields in the park. Attendants will be assisting.


Primitive Tent Camping is available onsite for no cost.


Pizza Truck and Kona Ice will be on site.

Schedule and Race Details

Saturday, August 28

9:00 AM Volunteers arrive for course & infield setup
1:00 PM Registration Opens, Pit Zone Opens
1:00 PM Course opens for pre-ride (riders must be checked in and have a number plate affixed to their bikes).
4:00 PM Course Closes for pre-ride, Registration Closes

Sunday, August 29

7:30 AM Check-In & Late Registration Opens
8:05 AM Course opens for pre-ride(riders checked in & have race plate)
8:30 AM Course closes for pre-ride, Registration Closes.
9:00 AM Races Begin. Racing will be done by team.
3:00 PM Racing concludes. Course and infield breakdown

Race Waves

Start Time Category (Race Numbers) Laps Miles
9:00AM Springdale 1 LAP 3 MILES
9:10AM Jonesboro  / Saline County Composite (combined) 1 LAP 3 MILES
9:20AM Bentonville High School 1 LAP 3 MILES
9:30AM Madison County 1 LAP 3 MILES
9:40AM Russellville Cyclones 1 LAP 3 MILES
9:50AM Pea Ridge 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:00AM Hot Springs 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:10AM Sugar Loaf Shredders 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:20AM Conway Composite 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:30AM Catholic High School 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:40AM Capital City Cranks 1 LAP 3 MILES
10:50AM Mountain Home Composite 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:00AM Rogers Rams 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:10AM Lincoln JHS 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:20AM Eureka Springs 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:30AM The Thaden School 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:40AM St Vincent 1 LAP 3 MILES
11:50AM Washington JHS 1 LAP 3 MILES
12:00PM Bike Club Tulsa 1 LAP 3 MILES
12:10PM River Valley Marshalls 1 LAP 3 MILES
12:20PM Fayetteville Composite 1 LAP 3 MILES
12:40PM Grimsley 1 LAP 3 MILES
12:50PM Fullbright 1 LAP 3 MILES
1:00 PM Bentonville West 1 LAP 3 MILES
1:10 PM Arkansas Arts 1 LAP 3 MILES
1:20 PM Haas Hall 1 LAP 3 MILES
1:30 PM Siloam Springs 1 LAP 3 MILES

Due to size differences in teams, the actual starting times may vary.

Student Athletes should arrive at least 30-45 min before their team's start time.

Teams will begin staging 20 min before their team's start time.

right image

9:00AM Springdale

9:10AM Jonesboro and Saline County Composite (combined)

9:20AM Bentonville High School

9:30AM Madison County

9:40AM Russellville Cyclones

9:50AM Pea Ridge

10:00AM Hot Springs

10:10AM Sugarloaf Shredders

10:20AM Conway Composite

10:30AM Catholic High

10:40AM Capital City Cranks

10:50AM Mountain Home Composite

11:00AM Rogers Rams

11:10AM Lincoln Jr High

11:20AM Eureka Springs

11:30AM Thaden School

11:40AM St Vincent

11:50AM Washington Jr High

12:00PM Bike Club Tulsa

12:10PM River Valley Marshalls

12:20PM Fayetteville Composite


12:40PM Grimsley

12:50PM Fullbright

1:00PM Bentonville West

1:10PM Arkansas Arts Academy

1:20PM Haas Hall

1:30PM Siloam Springs

Team times will be announced by 10 days before the race. Start time will be approximate. Teams should arrive at least 30 min before start time.


Those petitioning for exceptions to the category placement must do so by Tuesday August 17 at 11:59 PM. Petitions forms must be emailed to League Director Terry Coddington. Race day petitions will not be accepted.


Riders can purchase a four race package for $110 before August 1. Discount is applied when all four races are in a student athlete’s pit zone cart at the same time.

League registration
$85 $10

Race Entry
(Time Trial)

$25 $10

+ Online pre-registration closes at 11:59 PM on the Tuesday before the race. After that, you will have to register at the race and pay the late fee. Scholarships are available, fill out the application HERE.


Saturday 9/11, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Sunday 9/12, 7:30-8:30 AM

Make your race day more enjoyable and avoid long lines and late fees by registering in advance online! Double-check that you are registered and race ready in the NICA Pit Zone before pre-registration closes.


Pit Zone profile completed

Waivers electronically signed in the Pit Zone

League & race registration fees paid


If you have not been invited to register yet in the NICA Pit Zone contact your Team Director.  Independent riders contact your League Director at terry@arkansasmtb.org. For questions regarding the NICA Pit Zone contact registration services at registration@nationalmtb.org.  Note: Online pre-registration will close Tuesday at midnight prior to each race.

On-site registration will be available at the registration booth for riders who do not complete pre-registration on Saturday from 10:30 am - 4:00 pm  and Sunday morning from 7:00-7:30  Please note on-site registration will result in late fees of $10 for League Registration and $10 for Race Registration.  Race plates will be $10 to replace if you lose or forget your race plate.

Contact Terry Coddington with questions or problems.


  • Vehicles are not allowed in the team pit and infield area during the race.  One vehicle per team may drop equipment during designated times.
  • No Smoking or alcohol is allowed in the team pit or infield areas.
  • No inappropriate language allowed in the team pit and infield areas.
  • Any conflicts and/or disputes with any race official or volunteer shall not be dealt with in the team pit area.
  • Any violation of the above rules may result in a team penalty and/or expulsion from the team pit and infield area.
  • No gasoline generators and no open fires inside the team pit area, please. 
  • Keep dogs on leashes at all times and clean up after your dogs.
  • No more than 2 hammocks per tree, and no closer than 5 feet from the race course.
  • Please pack out what you pack in. No garbage receptacles will be provided.
  • Review our Refund and Weather Policy HERE
  • All racing will be governed by the NICA Rulebook 
  • Contact Glenn France, Race Director, with any race questions: glenn@arkansasmtb.org.  
  • Contact Terry Coddington, League Director, with any league or team questions: terry@arkansasmtb.org  
  • We hope all racers and their families will stay after the race for the award ceremony!


The Arkansas Interscholastic Cycling League is a Project League of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth development organization, building strong mind, body and character, guided by the principles of inclusivity and equality. The league promotes interscholastic mountain bike racing, provides training and education to new teams and coaches, and offers a comprehensive infrastructure to grow youth cycling in a professional, safe and engaging manner.



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